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Friends sitcom
The guys enjoy a ride in a police car, until the sound of a gunshot causes them to fear for their lives. Meanwhile, Rachel accidentally listens to a telephone message to Ross from Emily. Comedy, starring Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer.
Friends sitcom
Phoebe learns Gary plans to ask her to move in with him, but fears it is too early in their relationship for such a commitment, and asks Chandler to help her change his mind. While the rest of the gang become obsessed with playing a game of catch. Guest starring Michael Rapaport, with Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry.
Friends sitcom
Joey turns up in Las Vegas to start filming his first movie role, only to receive disappointing news. Phoebe racks her brains to remember why she hates Ross so much.
Friends sitcom
Part one of two. The pals visit Las Vegas, where they find surprises galore awaiting them. Meanwhile, Ross misinterprets Rachel's intentions and embarks on a campaign of public humiliation against her - but discovers she is more than a match for him.
Friends sitcom
Part two of two. Rachel makes Ross regret playing a prank on her, while Monica and Chandler have a spot of good luck and Joey tries out his latest get-rich-quick scheme. Comedy, starring Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry.
Friends sitcom
Ross and Rachel leave Las Vegas as a married couple, while Phoebe is persuaded to embark on a cross-country adventure with Joey. Comedy, starring David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc.
Friends sitcom
Ross joins Rachel on her first trip to a launderette, where a machine shortage leads to a tense stand-off. Phoebe and Chandler make a pact to break up with their partners, and Joey tricks a former girlfriend into believing Monica is the new woman in his life.
Friends sitcom
Ross bumps into his ex-wife, while Chandler meets an old flame during a double date with Joey, and Rachel, Monica and Phoebe have a run-in with some firefighters.
Friends sitcom
Chandler becomes enamoured with a woman he meets on the internet, and the subject of children proves a thorny one for Monica and Richard. Rachel relives the ordeal of her failed wedding day while serving as bridesmaid at her former fiance's ceremony. Comedy, starring Jennifer Aniston.
Friends sitcom
Phoebe is alarmed to learn she has attracted the unwanted attentions of a stalker, and Monica comes up with a plan to deal with her broodiness. American comedy, guest starring David Arquette, with Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox.
Friends sitcom
Chandler ponders the importance of commitment, Monica starts work in a restaurant and Phoebe's home truths make her an unpopular choice as Joey's agent. Comedy, starring Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry.
Friends sitcom
Monica is annoyed by the fake laugh Chandler uses at work whenever his boss cracks a joke, and the gang gets a shock when Ross introduces his new girlfriend.
Friends sitcom
Chandler and Monica go to a fertility clinic for tests, but are embarrassed to encounter an old acquaintance. Ross helps Joey pretend to be intelligent to woo Charlie, even though he is attracted to her himself, and Rachel sneaks into a spa for a massage.
Friends sitcom
Phoebe learns Joey's agent has died, but he is so upset about his friends moving away that she decides not to tell him. Rachel worries about relocating to France, while Monica and Chandler are horrified to discover Janice is planning to buy the house next door to them. Guest starring Jane Lynch (Glee).
Friends sitcom
Ross's girlfriend goes on a wild weekend away, leaving him to worry about what she is getting up to. Rachel longs for a date and Joey's fridge breaks down.
Beethoven comedy, IMDB
Comedy starring Charles Grodin. A St Bernard puppy escapes from dog catchers and finds his way to the Newton household. They name him Beethoven, but not only does he become enormous and spread chaos, he also seems to be foiling George Newton's business expansion plans.
The Mask comedy, IMDB
Fantasy comedy starring Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz. Clumsy and shy bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss discovers an ancient mask that has the power to transform him into a lime green cartoon character in a zoot suit, who just thrives in the spotlight.
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective comedy, IMDB
Comedy starring Jim Carrey, Courteney Cox and Sean Young. Eccentric investigator Ace Ventura is hired to discover who is behind the mysterious kidnapping of the Miami Dolphins football team mascot, a dolphin called Snowflake, just a week before the Super Bowl.
Naked Gun 33 1/3: the Final Insult comedy, IMDB
Comedy starring Leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Presley. Retired from the Police Squad and playing house husband to wife Jane, Lieutenant Frank Drebin secretly longs to get back to shoot-outs and smashing cars. When Captain Ed Hocken suggests that he help the team track down a mad bomber, he is eager to join them, but Jane isn't happy and walks out.
Sausage Party comedy, IMDB
Animated comedy featuring the voices of Seth Rogen and Kristen Wiig. In a busy supermarket, sausage Frank dreams of one day making it to the Great Beyond, outside the supermarket walls, and living out his days with his hot-dog-bun girlfriend Brenda. But then a jar of honey mustard returns from the Great Beyond with a warning.
Joe Lycett: That's the Way, A-Ha, A-Ha, Joe Lycett
A performance from the comedian's award-winning live show, recorded at the Duchess Theatre in London's West End. Joe tackles topics including Post Office jobsworths, celebrities on Twitter and getting into an argument with Isis.
South Park drama
The boys decide to create a company in an attempt to never have to work again - only to accidently copy an existing football team's name.
South Park drama
Everyone decides to go gluten-free after bad things happen to a scientist who believes the substance is fine.
South Park drama
Cartman hatches a plan, but Wendy has something to say about it. Meanwhile, Randy starts to feel the pressure of harbouring a secret.
South Park drama
Timmy's new business ends up threatening taxi services in the Colorado town, sparking a Wacky Races-type contest between competing transportation choices.
South Park drama
The boys film Craig's mother undressing and upload it to the internet. But as the clip becomes a viral sensation, they feel guilty.
South Park drama
The Canadian government introduce a new app about Terrance and Phillip, and Stan becomes addicted to the game.
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