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Bargains galore
Bargains galore
Most Ridiculous - Mums & Dads
Outrageous online videos
Most Ridiculous - Dogs
Outrageous videos of dogs getting up to all sorts of mischief
Takeshi's Castle
Game show, narrated by Jonathan Ross
Takeshi's Castle
Game show, narrated by Jonathan Ross
With Susie Dent, Nick Helm, Russell Kane, and Desiree Burch
The first-ever episode of the comedy
The first-ever episode of the comedy, in which Rachel arrives at the local cafe after jilting her fiance at the altar. Chandler and Joey encourage Ross to enjoy bachelorhood when his lesbian wife walks out on him, while Phoebe supports herself playing guitar in the subway. Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow star
Carol tells Ross about her plans for their baby
Carol tells Ross she plans to raise his child with her lover Susan, but he can be involved if he wants. Ross and Monica's parents announce they are coming to dinner, while Rachel is aghast to discover her former fiance went on what would have been their honeymoon with her maid of honour
Monica shows off her new boyfriend
Monica shows off her new boyfriend to the rest of the group, Chandler decides to take up smoking again and Phoebe makes a gruesome discovery that leads to her receiving a windfall. Starring Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow
The girls spy on a neighbour
The girls end up breaking out binoculars in order to catch a glimpse of a good-looking neighbour with White House connections after accidentally receiving a pizza that he ordered, while Joey and Chandler take Ross to a ice hockey game to keep his mind busy
Phoebe and Chandler make a pact
Ross joins Rachel on her first trip to a launderette, where a machine shortage leads to a tense stand-off. Phoebe and Chandler make a pact to break up with their partners, and Joey tricks a former girlfriend into believing Monica is the new woman in his life
Chandler dates a married woman
Chandler begins a relationship with a married woman, Ross tries to liven up his conservative image and Joey lands a film role with a difference - as a naked body-double for Al Pacino
A power cut exposes Chandler to temptation
A power cut exposes Chandler to temptation by trapping him in a bank's ATM lobby with only a stunning model for company. Ross has a hard time trying to ask Rachel out on a date, and Joey learns something interesting about Monica
Ross and Monica's grandmother dies
The pals gather to pay their last respects at the funeral of Ross and Monica's grandmother, while Chandler is disturbed to discover his colleagues all assume he is gay - and even more shocked to find out who they want to set him up with. Featuring guest appearances by Elliott Gould and Christina Pickles
Chandler's mother visits
Chandler's flamboyant mother breezes into town for an appearance on The Jay Leno Show to talk about her career as a writer of erotic fiction - and throws her embarrassed son into a panic by inviting everyone out to dinner. Meanwhile, Monica and Phoebe compete for the attention of a man in a coma. Guest starring Morgan Fairchild and Jay Leno
Rachel ends her relationship with Paolo
Monica finds herself with a dozen large lasagnes on her hands, and Rachel ends her relationship with Paolo because he made a pass at Phoebe. Meanwhile, Joey and Chandler are shopping for new kitchen furniture when a football table catches their eye
Chandler sees Rachel in the nude
Chandler catches a glimpse of Rachel in the nude - so she promptly demands he bare all to redress the balance. Meanwhile, Joey is disturbed to hear his father is having an affair. With a guest appearance by Brenda Vaccaro
Chandler meets an old flame
Monica applies for a job
Monica applies to become head chef in a fancy restaurant, but the owner proves to be so high on drugs he is unable to appreciate the food she prepares to impress him. Guest starring Melora Hardin (The Office: An American Workplace) and Jon Lovitz
Part one of two. Phoebe's twin sister visits
Part one of two. Phoebe feels neglected when she learns that Joey has fallen in love with her identical twin, while Chandler experiences trouble when he is asked to fire an attractive employee. Ross had last-minute doubts about becoming a parent. Guest starring Helen Hunt
Part two of two. Rachel and Monica become love rivals
Part two of two. Rachel and Monica fall out over two hunky doctors, played by Noah Wyle and George Clooney, while Ross muses with his father on impending parenthood. Emmy-nominated episode of the American comedy, with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer and Elliott Gould
Rachel and Monica lose to Chandler and Joey at poker
Rachel and Monica suffer a humiliating defeat while playing poker with Chandler and Joey, and demand a rematch. Rachel decides to look for a new job - but is not as successful as she had hoped
Rachel loses Ross's monkey
Rachel loses Ross's pet monkey, prompting the gang to form a search party to find it, but an animal warden with a grudge gets in the way. Comedy, starring Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer
Chandler's date ignores him
Chandler finds it tough being ignored by a woman he has just taken out on a first date, and Rachel gets back with her double-dealing former fiance Barry - even though he is now engaged to someone else. Guest starring Jennifer Grey
Dumb and Dumber
Comedy, starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels
Dimwitted Rhode Island limousine driver Lloyd Christmas and his equally vacuous friend Harry Dunne embark on a disaster-fraught cross-country trip to Aspen, where they hope to reunite a briefcase with its female owner. However, the pair are unaware the case contains a $1million ransom they would have been better leaving well alone. Farrelly brothers comedy, starring Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Lauren Holly, Teri Garr and Mike Starr
Jimmy Carr: Stand Up
A performance by the comedian
The quick-witted comedian takes to the stage at London's Bloomsbury Theatre to deliver his razor-sharp observations on life's taboos
South Park
With the voice of Ozzy Osbourne
Chef makes the mistake of suing Capitalist Records for plagiarism and winds up behind bars, so the boys throw a huge concert to raise his bail money. Featuring the voices of Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne and Meat Loaf
South Park
Kyle tries to convince everyone that Mr Hankey exists
South Park
Jesus and Satan fight a controversial battle
Live at the Apollo
With Dara O Briain and Frankie Boyle
Irish comedian and Mock the Week host Dara O Briain joins Frankie Boyle, formerly one of the show's team captains, to perform stand-up comedy at the Hammersmith Apollo in London
Kevin Bridges Live in Glasgow
The comedian performs at the SECC
The Daily Show
With Trevor Noah
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