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Love Bites entertainment
The Ellen DeGeneres Show entertainment
You've Been Framed! entertainment
The Cabins entertainment
Dress to Impress entertainment
Love Bites entertainment
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Tipping Point: Lucky Stars entertainment
Family Fortunes entertainment
The Ellen DeGeneres Show entertainment
Dress to Impress entertainment
You've Been Framed! entertainment
Celebrity Catchphrase entertainment
Superstore sitcom
Amy and Dina are both in labour, but while Glenn's manager status gets Dina the royal treatment at the fancy hospital, Amy and Jonah have a far difference experience at a much cheaper clinic. At Cloud 9, Garrett struggles to express his best wishes for the new parents
Superstore sitcom
Amy is shocked to discover she has no maternity leave and has to return to work two days after her baby is born, while Jonah and Garrett interview applicants
Bob's Burgers comedy
After hearing that Boo Boo is leaving Boyz 4 Now, Louise enters a contest that could finally give Tina a chance to meet him. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda learn about a mobster
Bob's Burgers comedy
Tina finally gets to attend horse camp, but realises she must part ways with her imaginary steed Jericho. Meanwhile, Linda creates a restaurant camp
The Speedboat Killer: The Killing of Charlotte Brown documentary
Part two of two. The story of how Jack Shepherd went on the run ahead of his trial, remaining at large for nearly a year as he evaded the law and his conviction for manslaughter
Family Guy comedy
Brian gets a job with prestigious magazine The New Yorker, but it is not long before his new employer discovers he did not graduate from college, and promptly fires him. Filled with a burning desire to vindicate himself, he resolves to finish his education
Family Guy comedy
Brian is selected to appear on a TV dating show, but ends up falling for the star and pursues her after the cameras have been switched off. Meanwhile, Chris develops a nasty case of acne that gets him into trouble by encouraging him to do bad deeds. Seth MacFarlane's animated sitcom, with the guest voice of Jessica Biel
Family Guy comedy
Peter runs up a massive bill at the pharmacy and decides to sell Meg to the Goldmans to help pay it off - much to their son Neil's delight. However, she becomes jealous when he starts dating someone else. Meanwhile, Stewie falls in love with his new babysitter
American Dad! comedy
Bullock invites the agents to see his new labyrinth, but Stan gives it a miss for the family game night, where the others usually let him win to avoid his temper tantrums
American Dad! comedy
Steve is shocked to discover that Francine is secretly feeding him breast milk, so she tricks him into thinking that he will be unable to function without it
Bob's Burgers comedy
The kids play a prank on the same day that Skip Marooch calls to tell Bob that a journalist is coming to the restaurant to write a profile of it
Bob's Burgers comedy
Tina volunteers at a nursing home to earn her next Thunder Girls badge and finds her ideas of love and romance are tested. Meanwhile, Bob makes some new friends
Superstore sitcom
Amy unwittingly meets Jonah's parents during an initiative that forces all employees to be friendlier to customers, while Garrett and Dina have a smiling contest
Superstore sitcom
Amy and Jonah experience the high-life at a conference for management. Mateo lets a secret slip, and Garrett and Dina find problems in gift wrapping
The Emily Atack Show
Emily shares her thoughts on the theme of image, including how to achieve the perfect picture for Instagram, and her ongoing battle with gym equipment
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