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Hardcore Pawn
Karen brings in a Feng Shui expert in the hope of boosting sales
Hardcore Pawn
Ashley and Les head off to a huge estate sale
Hardcore Pawn
Les gets invited to give a lecture at a local business school
Hardcore Pawn
Les questions Ashley's management skills
Alien Files: Unsealed
Experts question whether Nazi leader Adolf Hitler received extraterrestrial help
Ancient Aliens: The Ultimate Evidence
Contemplating whether the Greeks and Egyptians were introduced to electricity
Ancient Aliens: The Ultimate Evidence
The Inca ruin of Puma Punku
Storage Wars Canada
Roy takes a puppet to an auction
Storage Wars
Darrell puts a plan in motion to net himself a big win
Storage Wars
Jarrod lets Alex and Bozek handle the auctions
Pawn Stars
Rick is offered the chance to drive a Second World War tank
Rick is offered the chance to drive a Second World War tank and he and Corey later inspect some Haunted Mansion memorabilia. Vintage toy soldiers march into the shop, while Chum finds a flamethrower
Pawn Stars
Rick flies to look at an epic Star Wars collection
Hardcore Pawn
Les hatches a secret plan to put his employees to the test
Hardcore Pawn
A family feud breaks out on the shop floor
Hardcore Pawn
Les finally lands a buyer for his special edition Lee Iacocca Mustang
Hardcore Pawn
Part one of two. Karen comes up with a big idea for the shop
Ancient Aliens: The Ultimate Evidence
Mysterious carvings, symbols and structures
Giorgio Tsoukalos decodes some of the most compelling evidence for Ancient Astronaut theory found in mysterious carvings, symbols and structures that are strikingly similar on opposite ends of the Earth. Could the answers to mankind's greatest questions about its origins and future actually be hidden in plain sight, disguised in the form of alien messages?
Ancient Aliens: The Ultimate Evidence
An investigation into the Ark of the Covenant
An investigation into the Ark of the Covenant, one of the most sought after religious relics of all time and far more than just a box that contained the 10 Commandments. It apparently possessed divine powers that enabled it to produce food, take down stone walls, kill those who come in contact with it, and provide direct communication to God. If true, it may have had a link to an extraterrestrial past
Alien Files: Unsealed
Theories about aliens living and working among humans
American Restoration
Rick refurbishes a 1960s motorbike
American Restoration
The team tries to restore a bumper car
Dickinson's Real Deal
The team visits the home of the Leicester Tigers Rugby Club
David Dickinson and the team visit the home of the Leicester Tigers rugby club, where Ian Towning sets his sights on a silver and enamel compact, Cheryl Hakeney meets an old friend and a modern Charles Bartlett print catches the eye of one of the dealers
Hunting Nazi Treasure
The art looted from Paris during the Nazi occupation
How the Nazis Lost the War
How nepotism and corruption led to the Nazis' downfall
The Nazi leadership was ambitious, ruthless and cutthroat. The biggest names in the Nazi Germany hierarchy appeared to be working together, but behind the scenes it was a different story. Nepotism, corruption and fear were rife - and it led to their ruin
Paranormal: Caught on Camera
A paranormal investigator encounters a vengeful ghost
Wicked Tuna: North v South
Captain McLaughlin's appearance upsets the local crews
American Restoration
A go-kart is brought in to be restored
American Restoration
The crew refurbishes a 1952 powerboat
Dickinson's Real Deal
David Dickinson and the team head to Crewe in Cheshire
David Dickinson and the team head to Crewe in Cheshire, where a man trying to get the best deal for his antique barometer puts Jo Bradshaw under pressure and Mark Stevens pays out a large sum to acquire a man's family gold
Shipping Wars
Dusty hits the road with a huge cow skull
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