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Animal Cops Houston
A horse with overgrown teeth is seized
Home shopping
Buying goods from the comfort of home
Home shopping
Buying goods from the comfort of home
Forensic Detectives
A woman disappears from a skating rink
Forensic Detectives
The rescue of a couple trapped in a car
Dateline with Tamzin Outhwaite
The murder of Dr Joe Sonnier
Almost two years after his wife's murder, Dr Joe Sonnier was found shot and stabbed to death in his home. As the actress reveals, it would take a love triangle and an unlikely friendship to find his killer
Blood Relatives
A murder in Arizona
A cold-blooded murder in Arizona that saw an affluent upwardly mobile family's dream turn into a nightmare
Murder Decoded
The murder of a woman left in a burning car
A case which began with a burning car found to contain the body of a young woman. The killer's attempt to eliminate evidence actually gave investigators the clues they needed to catch him
Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen
The case of Yale University researcher Annie Le
Murder Chose Me
The fatal shooting of a mechanic
A vintage case in which a mechanic was found dead with a bullet wound to the head. Suicide was suspected, but then-rookie detective Rod Demery considered it murder - the first of his career
To Catch a Killer
A missing persons case that took a deadly turn
Evil Online
The murder of a college freshman
The story of college freshman Jason, who found excitement in online dating and started liasing with several girls. However, soon after meeting up with one of them offline, he was killed
Evil Online
The story of a 28-year-old lured into a relationship by an online prankster
American Monster
The crimes of Audrey Frazier
The case of Missy Grubaugh
True Conviction
How a brutal murder triggered a hunt for both a devious killer and a missing child
A simple break in routine led to the discovery of a murdered grandfather and a missing child. Investigators had to contend with a devious killer who had taken pains to cover their tracks to unravel this tragic tale of lies and betrayal
Evil Lives Here
The crimes of murderer Anthony Fiebiger
The crimes of multiple murderer Anthony Fiebiger, who apparently spared his former girlfriend Sharon Morris. Thirty years on, Sharon still wonders why he didn't kill her when he had the chance
American Monster

Jessica Chambers: An ID Murder Mystery
The death of Jessica Chambers
True Conviction
The murders of a policeman and a motorist
Nightmare Next Door
The death of popular ladies' man Martin Byerly
The death of popular ladies' man Martin Byerly, who went missing in September 2007 and whose body was recovered the following June. Eric Smith was subsequently charged with stabbing Byerly to death at a hotel
Evil Lives Here
Parents talk about their son who conducted a mass shooting
Ronald Hawkins and Candace Sims talk about their 19-year-old son Robbie, who killed nine people including himself, in a mass shooting at a shopping centre in Omaha, Nebraska, in December 2007. They share their intimate insights and personal experiences from throughout Robbie's life, detailing everything from their past attempts to help him, to the day he committed a crime that shook America
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