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GPs: Behind Closed Doors
A couple seek confirmation about their first-time pregnancy
The doctors deal with the highs and lows of pregnancy, as expectant mothers visit the surgery for check-ups, advice and reassurance. In this edition, an excited young couple Poppy and Nick suspect Poppy may be pregnant for the first time, so they seek confirmation from the doctor before they begin celebrating. Meanwhile, a woman with a history of postnatal depression is expecting her fourth child and wants to put a plan is place before she relapses, but she is concerned about putting her unborn baby's health at risk
GPs: Behind Closed Doors
The doctors see patients with stomach complaints
This edition sees stomach complaints keep the Balham Park GPs on their toes. Dr Chris Pearce's patient has suffered stomach pains for years, but tests are proving to be inconclusive. However, the doctor suspects the man's penchant for chicken nuggets may be the cause - he often eats 30 in one sitting. Meanwhile, Dr Sian Morris believes the reason for a woman's bloated stomach is broccoli - not irritable bowel syndrome or ovarian cancer as her patient fears
GPs: Behind Closed Doors
The doctors deal with highly emotional patients
In this edition, the doctors at Balham Park Surgery must deal with several highly emotional patients. Dr Eleanor Beecraft's patient is furious that his ears are still blocked up with wax, despite him consistently missing hospital appointments to have them syringed. Meanwhile, a woman arrives for an appointment with Dr Shah, and is terrified that her stomach pains are a sign of ovarian cancer. Dr Heather Watson sees a patient who, instead of feeling ecstatic at being newly pregnant, is in mortal fear of another miscarriage
GPs: Behind Closed Doors
Ear-related problems keep the doctors busy
Dr William Laird tries to help a patient suffering from chronic vertigo, twisting their head in an attempt to shift the debris inside the ear that is causing the problem. Meanwhile, Dr Shah gets busy with a tuning fork, pressing against a patient's skull to ascertain the severity of a man's debilitating tinnitus
Great British Ships
Rob Bell explores the extraordinary story of the Golden Hinde
Rob Bell explores the extraordinary story of the Golden Hinde, the flagship of Elizabethan mariner, privateer and explorer Sir Francis Drake. Sent on a secret mission to plunder Spanish ships in the Pacific, the Golden Hinde's voyage was packed with adventure, from witchcraft and attempted mutiny to the supreme triumph of her most famous achievement, becoming the first English ship to sail around the world
Great British Ships
Rob Bell explores the extraordinary tea clipper Cutty Sark
Rob Bell explores the extraordinary tea clipper Cutty Sark, a ship that endured drunken captains and murderous crews, inspired a whiskey and survived the coming of the steam age. Rob clambers aboard to experience first-hand the beauty and superior design of the ship. He delves into her tragic past - the vagabond years of `tramping", mistreatment by her captains and desertion by her crews
Great British Ships
Rob Bell investigates the sinking of Henry VIII's great warship
Rob Bell investigates the sinking of the Mary Rose - Henry VIII's great warship - which went down nearly five centuries ago, killing more than 400 men. He gathers evidence from the marine archaeologists who excavated the shipwreck and learns what secrets they discovered on the seabed. He also delves into the Admiralty's archives to uncover the Mary Rose's forgotten past as the very first flagship of the Royal Navy
Great British Ships
The story behind the passenger ship
Rob Bell uncovers the story behind what was once the longest passenger ship in the world, the SS Great Britain. Designed by acclaimed Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, this vast vessel rewrote the rulebook, pioneering innovations still found on almost all modern ships
Great British Ships
The secrets of Nelson's flagship HMS Victory
Rob Bell reveals the secrets of the historic ships that shaped the nation. He begins with the story of HMS Victory, Admiral Nelson's personal flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar. When Victory was built more than 40 years previously, she was the largest warship in the world with firepower equivalent to a whole army on land. However, Rob discovers that this titan of the seas was very nearly scrapped long before the battle that would ultimately seal her place in history
Great British Ships
Rob Bell delves into the history of the Second World War cruiser
Rob Bell delves into the history of Second World War cruiser HMS Belfast, the sole survivor of the British ships that bombarded the Normandy coast on D-Day, playing critical role in some of the most dramatic battles of the war. Rob also hears the testimony of second World War veteran John, who was on board HMS Belfast at the moment it was attacked by a Nazi magnetic mine
World's Greatest Warships
Charting the history of the big-gun dreadnoughts
Charting the history of the warship from the dawn of the 20th century to the present day, drawing on expert interviews, footage and computer-generated animations. This episode focuses on the history of the turbine-powered, big-gun dreadnoughts, which revolutionised the rules of engagement on the high seas
Michael Palin in North Korea
The actor documents life for many of the millions living in North Korea
The actor documents life for many of the millions who live and work in North Korea. Michael's arrival coincides with the historic meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and South Korean president Moon Jae-In, as he embarks on a journey of some 1,300 miles of the reclusive nation south to north visiting sites and locations rarely, if ever, explored by Westerners, determined to spend time with everyday Korean citizens from all walks of life
Air Crash Investigation
The hijacking of a French plane by terrorists in 1994
An account of the hijacking of an Air France airbus at Algiers airport on Christmas Eve, 1994. Terrorists took more than 200 passengers hostage, three of whom were killed before French forces were able to overcome the assailants
Air Crash Investigation
A collision over Germany that killed 71 people
How a failure of air traffic control equipment led to a collision between a passenger plane carrying a group of children, and a cargo jet over Germany, killing 71 people
Our Yorkshire Farm
Edith and Violet learn about lambing season
As the nine Owen children finish school for Easter, they have other lessons to learn on their parents' hill farm. Edith and Violet learn about the highs and lows of the lambing season, while Clemmie comes to the aid of a lamb with a broken leg. Reuben and Miles teach Sidney how to build a dog kennel for their runaway terrier
Our Yorkshire Farm
The girls buy a pony at a horse fair - but struggle to get it home
The older children return to school after Easter, leaving their parents dealing with the spring lambs and two toddlers. At the weekend, the girls buy a pony at a horse fair - but struggle to get it home with no horsebox - while Reuben fixes up a dirt bike for his little brother Sid
Jane McDonald: My Yorkshire
The singer explores her home county
The singer and presenter explores the county, beginning in her home town of Wakefield and taking in the delights of the city and the surrounding market towns Reflecting on her childhood, she visits the village of Holmfirth, where classic comedy Last of the Summer Wine was filmed, and reminisces about the Wakefield Theatre Club, one of the biggest variety clubs in the north of England
The Missing Evidence
An investigation into the existence of the ape-like hominid
This programme investigates one of the world's most enduring mysteries as it delves into the world of Big Foot - a giant ape-like hominid said to live in the forests of North America, with eyewitnesses claiming it is up to 10ft tall and covered in foul-smelling, brown fur. Using the latest analytical techniques, psychology and evolutionary biology, the film examines first-hand accounts of sightings as well as the arguments for and against the existence of the creature, revealing the prime suspect behind the continuing myths
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