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Lost Worlds
The life of Ivan the Terrible
Pawn Stars
Corey comes face to face with a Ronald Reagan foam head.
Pawn Stars
Rick considers removing six Picasso etchings from an edition of Lysistrata
Pawn Stars
The pawn shop workers examine nickel-plated pistols
Pawn Stars
A Civil War era carbine shows up with a `coffee grinder" in the shoulder stock
Highway Thru Hell
Brandon and Cam team up to rescue a lumber truck tangled in a rock face
Highway Thru Hell
A burning truck needs to be moved from the highway
Storage Wars
Ivy and his son leave Moreno Valley with yo-yos of an unexpected kind
Ivy brings his son to Moreno Valley, where good things always happen, and leaves with yo-yos of an unexpected kind. Rene and Casey discover that their shoes are more `air" and less `Jordan". Kenny tries to level up his locker, while Lisa learns to look beyond the trash
Storage Wars
The buyers hear of some interesting units in Santa Clarita
The buyers get wind of some interesting units in Santa Clarita. Ivy and Isaiah chose quantity over quality - and it pays off. Brandi gets fancy sneaking a unit from everyone else, while Kenny finds himself searching for his soul sister
Storage Wars
Kenny tries to reclaim the title of King of Whittier, but hits a snag along the way
Kenny tries to reclaim the title of King of Whittier, but has trouble amassing any shillings. Ivy and Ivy brave the cold to find their fortunes. Lisa finally graduates to fully-fledged buyer, finding an unlikely mentor along the way
Storage Wars
Jarrod's lousy locker doesn't offer him any protection
American Pickers
A frozen-in-time adobe village complete with ghost stories and a Wild West saloon
American Pickers
Bobby's seven-generation Georgia homestead offers Southern picking at its finest
American Pickers
Searching for interesting, rare and profit-bringing treasures
Legends of the Pharaohs: Secrets of the Pyramid Builders
The riddle of the Sphinx
In ancient Egypt, following the death of legendary pharaoh Khufu, the matter as to who would succeed the builder of the greatest pyramid in history arose. Egyptologists think that investigating the turmoil of the succession could solve one of ancient history's most enduring mysteries - the riddle of the Sphinx. This is a story of lies, betrayals and history's most enigmatic statue
Secrets of the Lost Liners
The disastrous fate of the Andrea Doria
Roswell 75: The Final Evidence
The alleged crash of an extra terrestrial craft in 1947
Part two of two. Documentary revisitingthe alleged crash of an extra terrestrial craft at Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. Renowned scientist Dr David Hall returns with ufologist and author Anna Whitty, world leading UFO expert Philip Mantle and stage magician Spyros Melaris dig deep into the stories that surround the strangest of occurences
How some ingenious minds have managed to crack impenetrable codes
The spy game is a serious business, and throughout history the tools and technologies developed for it have mattered as much as the spies themselves. Encryption is a key tool for keeping valuable information secret, but some ingenious minds have managed to crack impenetrable codes
The Secret History of the Civil War
A look at one of the most studied and dissected conflicts in history
A look at how one of the most studied and dissected conflicts in history still continues to surprise and shape the world. Themes explored include medical inventions and military espionage
Abraham Lincoln
The poverty-ridden childhood of America's 16th president
The UnXplained with William Shatner
The actor turns his attention to the apocalypse
Secret History of Humans
A look at the lust for luxury in people's lives
Forged in Fire
First of a three-part armed forces tournament
Eight armed forces members redeploy to the forge for a three-part tournament where they will go head to head against one other smith in an intense five-hour battle. Up first, the E-4 Duel, where a corporal from the Marines who shares rank with a specialist from the Army will face off
Forged in Fire
Second of a three-part armed forces tournament
Forged in Fire
The finale of the Armed Forces Tournament
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