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Fantasy Homes by the Sea
Catherine Gee searches for a rural property in Cornwall
Cruise TV with LoveitBookit
Your one-stop-shop for all things cruise
Teleshopping Feature. Your one-stop-shop for all things cruise; bringing you the hottest destinations, ground-breaking ships and the latest deals to ensure your next cruise is your greatest one
A suspected terror incident requires a large-scale response
The North West Ambulance crews are being kept busy by a repeat caller who moves around Manchester's canals on his barge. Scott and Ana are the first to track him down and must remain patient in the face of his frustrating behaviour. Pragna and Amy are dispatched to a man threatening suicide, and Sarah and Alan treat a baby burnt by a cup of tea, before the normal routine of the night is interrupted by multiple calls reporting a serious incident near the Trafford Centre
Homes Under the Hammer
Properties in the New Forest and Derby
Developers Lucy Alexander and Martin Roberts explore an old prefabricated property in the New Forest and a home in Derby, before speaking to the owners to find out what they paid for them at auction and their plans for the future
Antiques Road Trip
Paul Laidlaw and Margie Cooper scour Scarborough for antiques
Antiques Road Trip
Paul Laidlaw and Margie Cooper search Chesterfield
Money for Nothing
Transforming a post-war table, a used suitcase and an old radio
Dr Dee: Alaska Vet
A pot-bellied pig undergoes surgery
Animal Cops Phoenix
The investigators look back on several cases
Animal Cops San Francisco
Scott rescues a dehydrated pit bull puppy left in a car
Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet
Dr Jeff treats a dog with a mysterious injury
Saving Lives at Sea
The crews race to save a storm-battered yacht and a man stuck in quicksand
As Storm Ophelia hits the British Isles, on the south-east coast of Ireland the pagers of the Rosslare crew go off, to attend to a small yacht with three people on board that is caught in one of the worst storms in living memory. In Devon, the crew at Appledore race an incoming tide to try to reach a man stuck fast in quicksand, while on the north coast of Cornwall, the crew of St Agnes must battle through huge breaking waves to reach two young boys being swept out to sea in a deadly rip current
Money for Nothing
Transforming a post-war table, a used suitcase and an old radio
Antiques Road Trip
Paul Laidlaw and Margie Cooper scour Warwickshire for antiques
On their final leg, Paul Laidlaw and Margie Cooper travel from Warwickshire to auction in Shrewsbury. Margie picks up a pair of binoculars and hunts for rare birds, while Paul has some vehicular fun in Coventry. However, the big battle comes down to the little lots at auction, where Margie's Victorian miniature shoes go up against Paul's tiny toy gun
Antiques Road Trip
Raj Bisram and Catherine Southon compete
Ghost Adventures: First Timers
Fans are invited to take part in some memorable lockdowns
Death Walker with Nick Groff
Nick investigates the Niagara Club
Ghost Adventures
Paranormal activity in Rainbow Valley, Arizona
Paranormal activity in Rainbow Valley, Arizona. During the investigation, the forces that inhabit the Stardust Ranch prove they don't welcome the attention of ghost hunters Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin
Kindred Spirits
The caretaker of a defunct asylum calls on the team
Ghost Adventures
A special investigation at Zak Bagans' Las Vegas museum
Home shopping
Buying goods from the comfort of home
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