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Thunder Bay drama, IMDB
Adventure drama starring James Stewart, Joanne Dru and Dan Duryea. Two old wartime buddies go into business drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, but they make waves with local fishermen who feel their livelihoods are being put at risk.
The Day Will Dawn drama, IMDB
Second World War romance starring Ralph Richardson, Deborah Kerr and Hugh Williams. As the rest of Europe falls to Adolf Hitler, journalist Colin Metcalfe is stationed in Norway, hungry for a scoop. While helping to locate a secret Nazi U-boat base, he becomes romantically involved with the daughter of a local seaman.
The Thirty-Nine Steps drama, IMDB
Spy thriller starring Kenneth More. While on holiday in England, Richard Hannay goes on the run from police and enemy agents after he is wrongly accused of murder.
The Lady Vanishes drama, IMDB
Remake of Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller, starring Elliott Gould, Cybill Shepherd and Angela Lansbury. American heiress Amanda Kelly is taken ill on a train ride back to England and befriended by a kindly British nanny, Miss Froy, who mysteriously disappears, and no one except Amanda can remember seeing her. Together with photographer Robert Condon, Amanda attempts to solve the mystery of the vanishing lady in a race against death.
Jumper drama, IMDB
Sci-fi action thriller starring Hayden Christensen, Samuel L Jackson and Jamie Bell. When high-school student David Rice discovers he has the ability to teleport himself to any place on Earth, he uses his new-found skill for a life of carefree self-indulgence. But events take a darker turn when David discovers he is only one of many 'jumpers' and that their lives are under threat from a shady organisation.
Eagle Eye drama, IMDB
Action thriller starring Shia LaBeouf, Michelle Monaghan and Billy Bob Thornton. Two strangers are coerced into following the instructions of a mysterious phone caller, becoming fugitives from the law in the process.
Triple 9 drama, IMDB
Crime thriller starring Casey Affleck and Chiwetel Ejiofor. A group of corrupt cops is coerced into a seemingly impossible heist by the wife of a ruthless mob boss and becomes embroiled in a web of revenge and double-dealing.
Lowlife comedy, IMDB
A ruthless LA crime boss connects three down-and-out reprobates who become mixed up in an organ-harvesting scheme. Comedy drama, starring Nicki Micheaux, Ricardo Adam Zarate and Jon Oswald.
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