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Texas Lady drama, IMDB
A woman arrives in Texas to take over the local newspaper, and vows to use it to expose corruption. Her first target is the gambler she wrongly holds responsible for her father's suicide, but who proves an unlikely ally when she faces the real villains - two cattle barons who rule the town with an iron fist. Western, with Claudette Colbert, Barry Sullivan and Gregory Walcott.
Gunpoint drama, IMDB
A sheriff tries to stop a train robbery, but is shot by his own treacherous deputy. Recovering from his wounds, he assembles a posse to bring the outlaws to justice, acquiring an uneasy ally in a saloon owner in love with a dancehall singer the fugitives have taken hostage. Western, starring Audie Murphy and Joan Stanley.
The Man Who Knew Too Much drama, IMDB
Thriller starring James Stewart and Doris Day. Dr and Mrs Ben McKenna's touring holiday of North Africa is rudely interrupted when a passing acquaintance dies in their arms - stabbed in the back. While the local police are questioning the couple, they learn that their son Hank has been kidnapped.
Carry On Constable comedy, IMDB
Comedy starring Sidney James, Kenneth Williams and Hattie Jacques. Sergeant Wilkins becomes increasingly exasperated after four inept policemen join his staff during a flu epidemic and cause chaos while on the beat.
Eddie the Eagle drama, IMDB
Sports drama based on a true story, starring Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton. As athletes assemble in Calgary for the 1988 Winter Olympics the dreams are of gold medals and broken records. But an irrepressible ski jumper from the Great Britain team will make headlines and capture hearts around the world for an entirely different reason.
Film4 Interview Specials arts, IMDB
Preview of the sci-fi comedy, featuring interviews with the cast and director Joe Cornish.
Attack the Block drama, IMDB
Sci-fi action comedy starring Nick Frost, Jodie Whittaker and John Boyega. On the mean streets of south London five teenagers in the process of mugging a woman are disturbed by an alien invader. Soon their housing estate is overrun with beings from outer space and the hunters have become the hunted.
Last Action Hero comedy, IMDB
Comedy action adventure starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, F Murray Abraham and Austin O'Brien. Fictional supercop Jack Slater gets some help from an unexpected quarter when a magic ticket transports 11-year-old fan Danny Madigan into his latest film. However, the pair soon run into trouble when the ticket falls into the hands of screen villain Benedict, who decides to try his hand at crime in the real world.
Solace drama, IMDB
Mystery thriller starring Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell. A clairvoyant is co-opted by the FBI to help catch a serial killer. But the killer is psychic, too, and is well ahead of his pursuers.
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