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Hardcore Pawn documentary
Les challenges Seth to a high-stakes sales competition, but later faces the most dangerous customer he has ever encountered.
Hardcore Pawn documentary
Hordes of angry customers face hour-long queues, Les tries to work out whether a dealer is selling stolen goods, and a feud erupts between Seth and Andy.
Hardcore Pawn documentary
Seth struggles with a negotiation on an exceptionally busy day, and Ashley tries to find a customer's missing guitar.
Hardcore Pawn documentary
The Golds' reputation is at stake when a customer claims he was sold a fake watch, and Ashley makes a large offer for some gemstones.
American Restoration education
Ancient Aliens education
Ancient Aliens education
Storage Wars documentary
Auctions in Lake Elsinore bring treasures for some and turmoil for others, Dave causes trouble for his rivals, and Rene and Jarrod go head to head.
Storage Wars documentary
The buyers head to auctions in Santa Ana, and once back on familiar turf, Dave Hester makes the others fight for a decent locker.
Storage Wars documentary
The buyers try their luck at auctions in Lancaster, where Mary chooses a surprising ally. Meanwhile, Jarrod and Brandi turn up the pressure.
Storage Wars documentary
Dave threatens to dampen high spirits at an early morning auction, and Mary struggles to stop the other buyers from getting her down.
Pawn Stars documentary
The staff get all wound up over an automaton that performs a magic trick. A seller produces a 1500s Bible, but Corey's book expert has a warning, while other items entering the shop include a horse race gambling machine and insignias from a Second World War bombardment group.
Pawn Stars documentary
Rick and Chumlee inspect a valuable Japanese katana from the 1800s. Other treasures being inspected include a set of sea turtle coins from the ancient Mediterranean city of Aegina.
Pawn Stars documentary
Handwritten memoirs from a member of Bonnie and Clyde's gang are appraised, as is a set of illustrations from Disney's Sleeping Beauty and flashy door handles from one of Las Vegas' first casinos.
Pawn Stars documentary
A set of royal British armour has Rick suiting up to strike a bargain. A US Open custom electric guitar and a Abbott and Costello movie script are also appraised.
Hardcore Pawn documentary
Les has to call security when an argument over a missing item turns violent, a high-stakes gambler visits the shop for funds and a customer tries to sell a gynaecologist's table.
Hardcore Pawn documentary
Les causes a stir when he tells a woman her gold bracelet is fake, and Seth later struggles to determine whether a watch is priceless or worthless.
Hardcore Pawn documentary
Les makes a decision on impulse that threatens to backfire, and later gives a big loan to a customer with a dubious sob story.
Hardcore Pawn documentary
Members of the Gold family open the doors to their huge Detroit pawn shop once again as they encounter intriguing finds and awkward customers. Here, the staff are pushed to their breaking point by a customer's endless parade of worthless items. Later, Ashley gets the chance to assert herself.
Ancient Aliens education
Ancient Aliens education
Auction Kings documentary
A John Wayne commemorative gun collection is auctioned, and appraiser Jamie tries to unravel the mystery of a ship's telegraph reminiscent of those used on ill-fated liner Titanic.
Auction Kings documentary
The crew auctions off a Rick Fairless motorbike, and Paul is keen to hold a margarita-making contest when a gas-powered blender is brought in.
Dickinson's Real Deal entertainment
Dickinson's Real Deal entertainment
The Curse of Oak Island documentary
The fellowship makes a shocking discovery when its members learn Zena's map may have been pointing to the elusive Treasure Vault the entire time.
World's Greatest Treasure Mysteries history
Marty's childhood dreams come true when he's invited to join the search for a lost treasure ship off the coast of the abandoned and dangerous Flynn Island.
Monsterquest history
Expeditions search for the Goliath grouper off the coast of Florida and a monstrous fish with frightening teeth beneath the icy surface of lakes in Minnesota.
Paranormal: Caught on Camera history
Ghost hunters set out to prove that a family's home is being terrorised by an evil spirit, and a colossal creature appears near the shore of Ireland's Killarney Lakes.
Paranormal: Caught on Camera history
A man stands in awe with his neighbour as they watch two bizarre objects fly overhead, and two paranormal investigators hear, see and feel a demonic presence.
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