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Will & Grace
Karen's demands cause Jack to uninvite her to his wedding
Will & Grace
A snowstorm traps Karen at the office and Jack in an elevator
The Middle
Axl and Sue are teamed up on a school project
Axl is mortified when he and younger sister Sue are teamed up on a school project, while a therapist tries to improve bookworm Brick's social skills to help him make friends. Parents Frankie and Mike battle an unreasonable insurance company after a fallen branch smashes their car windscreen
The Middle
Mike and Frankie decide to dedicate one day to each of their children
Mike and Frankie feel they should be spending more quality time with their children, so decide to dedicate a whole day to each of them. However, Axl, Sue and Brick pull no punches with their demands, expecting their parents to go paintballing, get through an itinerary of 17 separate activities, and attend a sci-fi book convention in Indianapolis
The Middle
Frankie finds a new friend for Mike
Frankie intervenes on Mike's behalf and succeeds in making him a new friend, Brick helps Axl pretend to be intelligent to impress Cassidy, and Sue and the Wrestlerettes agree to a showdown with the school cheerleaders. Comedy, starring Patricia Heaton, Neil Flynn, Atticus Shaffer and Eden Sher
The Middle
Sue conducts a science experiment
Sue conducts a science experiment that she hopes will prove smiling is contagious. Brick offers to do chores in the hope of persuading his parents to buy him a tablet computer, while Axl waits for his college acceptance letter. American comedy, starring Patricia Heaton
My Wife and Kids
Claire ditches her boyfriend
Claire is aghast to learn Michael approves of her boyfriend Tony, and dumps him on the spot in favour of a nastier guy named Jason, who behaves badly and treats women like dirt
My Wife and Kids
Michael directs a play
Jay volunteers to direct Kady's school play, but has to bow out at the last minute, so Michael takes her place and allows the children free rein to take whatever liberties they like with Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
My Wife and Kids
Michael and Janet try to impose peace
My Wife and Kids
Michael's sister comes to stay for the weekend
Part one of two. Chandler plans a romantic proposal
Part one of two. Chandler's plans for a romantic proposal are ruined by Richard's reappearance. Ross gets an uncomfortable reminder of his girlfriend's immaturity, while Joey unwittingly buys a boat at an auction. Comedy, starring Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and Tom Selleck
Part two of two. Monica finds herself in demand
Part two of two. Monica is left reeling by Richard's proposal, which puts pressure on a nervous Chandler to bite the bullet and suggest she marry him instead. Comedy, guest starring Tom Selleck, with Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry
Monica celebrates her engagement
An ecstatic Monica plans an evening out to celebrate her engagement to Chandler, but ends up accusing Rachel of trying to steal her thunder by kissing Ross. American comedy, starring Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer
Monica starts making wedding plans
Monica excitedly starts making preparations for her big day, only to discover her parents have spent all the wedding money on a beach house. Phoebe moves her massage parlour into Ross's apartment and Rachel's choice of reading matter raises eyebrows
Chandler plays racquetball with Monica's father
Monica tries to re-create a secret recipe belonging to Phoebe's grandmother, and Chandler accepts an invitation from future father-in-law Jack to play racquetball. Meanwhile, Rachel advises Joey on life on the ocean wave. Comedy, starring Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox
Rachel wrestles with a dilemma
An attractive but unqualified man applies for a job as Rachel's assistant, placing her in a quandary as she struggles to decide between hiring him or a more competent woman. Joey's TV show is cancelled after only one episode. American comedy, starring Jennifer Aniston and Eddie Cahill
Joey takes Tag out on the town
Rachel cajoles Joey into taking Tag on a boys' night out, Ross and Phoebe date a couple in the middle of a divorce and Chandler has trouble striking the right pose for his engagement photograph with Monica. American comedy, starring Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow
Monica struggles to choose a maid of honour
Monica agonises over whether Rachel or Phoebe should be her maid of honour, and leaves the pair to sort it out between themselves. She also bumps into Chandler's ex-girlfriend Julie, and is horrified to discover he ended their relationship because she became fat
Janice gets a wedding invitation
Janice cajoles Chandler and Monica into inviting her to the wedding. Ross discovers a surprising fact about his doctoral dissertation and the position it occupies in the university library, and Joey's latest date causes him emotional turmoil. Guest starring Kristin Davis (Sex and the City)
Tag visits for Thanksgiving
Rachel's assistant Tag spends Thanksgiving with the gang, leading to a series of embarrassing revelations, and a puppy smuggled into the flat by Phoebe unnerves Chandler. Comedy, starring Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry
Rachel gets a dressing-down for dating Tag
Rachel gets a dressing-down at work for dating Tag, while Monica tries to buy her neighbours' friendship by making sweets for them - but finds their appetites to be greater than her desire to be popular
Phoebe plans to return to her flat
Phoebe plans to return to her flat and tries desperately to persuade Rachel to join her, while Monica is infuriated by Chandler's inability to tip appropriately. Ross looks after Ben during the holiday season, and dresses as an armadillo to keep him entertained
Monica turns up uninvited at her cousin's wedding
Phoebe's ex-boyfriend arrives back in town and Monica is angry at not being invited to her cousin's wedding. Chandler and Rachel feel guilty for eating a neighbour's cheesecake that was mistakenly delivered to their apartment. Comedy, guest starring Hank Azaria (The Simpsons)
Ross and Joey get trapped on the roof
Ross and Joey get trapped on the roof while waiting to watch a meteor shower. Monica's exhaustion leads to trouble with Chandler, and Rachel argues with Tag over which of them failed to post a parcel
Phoebe spends a surreal first day at work
Phoebe encounters a suicidal office worker during her first day as a telemarketer. Ross and Monica are upset to discover their parents intend to sell their childhood home, while Rachel and Chandler blame themselves for breaking Joey's favourite chair
The pals celebrate Rachel's 30th birthday
The pals celebrate Rachel's 30th birthday and reminisce about their own, including Monica's attempt to hide her intoxication from her parents, and Ross's embarrassing crisis, which resulted in the purchase of a red sports car. Comedy, starring Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer
Rhod Gilbert's Growing Pains
With Jeremy Vine, Gemma Cairney and James Acaster
World's Funniest TV Adverts with Jason Manford
A look at hilarious commercials from around the world
Live at the Apollo
With Marcus Brigstocke and Rich Hall
From London's Hammersmith Apollo theatre, acerbic comic Jack Dee introduces performances by Marcus Brigstocke, who muses on Britain's relationship with America, and Rich Hall, who demonstrates how Bill Gates defies gravity. Plus, Jack answers more text messages from the audience
The Ricky Gervais Show
Karl Pilkington discusses a typical day in his life
Karl Pilkington discusses a typical day in his life, as well as sharing his enthusiasm for solo DIY projects. Animated series based on the original recordings from the comedian's record-breaking podcasts
The Ricky Gervais Show
The friends discuss being an Englishman
Stephen Merchant, Karl Pilkington and Ricky Gervais share their personal opinions of what it means to be an Englishman, and Karl also reveals why he would not mind being Italian. Animated comedy based on recordings from the comedian's series of podcasts
Impractical Jokers
The guys ask strangers if they should break up with their girlfriends
Impractical Jokers
Joe, Sal, Murr and Q pitch whimsical TV show ideas to focus groups
Impractical Jokers
The guys create awkward vibes while posing as receptionists
The guys create awkward vibes while posing as receptionists in a waiting room, then get the party started when pitching to a focus group. Things get interesting on a loser's road trip
Impractical Jokers: Fantasy Draft
With basketball stars Mo Bamba and Terrence Ross
Ross faces the music
Despite Ross's massive blunder, he and Emily go through with the wedding - but she is clearly devastated and sneaks out of a window at the reception, declaring she never wants to see him again. Guest starring Helen Baxendale, Elliott Gould and Jennifer Saunders
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