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Last Man Standing

Girls Rock: While Vanessa sweats out Jen's application to the Geological Institute, Jen assists Mike with his next vlog and soon tells Vanessa she is considering a marketing degree. (S8, E09)
Last Man Standing

Break Out the Campaign: In preparing to give a speech announcing her candidacy for state assembly, Vanessa hires then fires both Carol Larabee and Mike as campaign managers. (S8, E10)
The Middle
Frankie enjoys the perks of her dental uniform
Dr Goodwin is perplexed by Frankie's strange behaviour in the workplace - a result of people frequently mistaking her for a doctor thanks to her dental uniform. Mike's fishing trip takes a turn for the worse when he manages to wedge the boat he was towing into a ditch, and Axl encourages Sue to skip school for the day. Comedy, starring Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn
The Middle
Frankie and Axl fall out over the latter's graduation party plans
It's the end of an era for Axl as he prepares for his last day at school - but any hopes of a happy occasion go out of the window when he falls out with Frankie over the plans for his graduation party. Meanwhile, Brick neglects his duties as class historian and Sue takes her driving test yet again
The Middle
Axl's college dorm move-in day arrives
The Middle
Frankie feels left out
Frankie is annoyed to learn that Axl is returning Mike's texts but not hers during his first few weeks at college, while Sue finds herself caring about Darrin once again. American comedy, starring Patricia Heaton
My Wife and Kids
Part two of two. Junior is thrown out of the house
Part two of two. After catching Junior and his girlfriend Vanessa getting up to no good, Michael and Jay throw him out of the house, and he ends up living in a tent in the back garden until everything has calmed down
My Wife and Kids
Michael is recruited for jury service
Michael is recruited for jury service and elected foreman, but tries to get the trial over quickly so he can rush home to watch a marathon showing of the Godfather films on TV. Unfortunately, he ends up having to rent the videos instead - and becomes convinced the Mafia are after him
My Wife and Kids
Junior and Claire find a wallet
Junior and Claire find a wallet containing $500, and decide to keep it for themselves - but Michael and Jay disapprove, and insist on setting up a family court to decide the fate of the cash. Comedy, starring Damon Wayans
My Wife and Kids
Claire gets her learner driver's licence
Ross is horrified to learn Rachel has a date
Ross is horrified to learn Rachel is going on a date with a handsome soap star, and Chandler sabotages a quirky workmate's chances of promotion. Meanwhile, Phoebe is attracted to a cute but clumsy chef whom Monica plans to fire. Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox star
Phoebe is attracted to her twin sister's fiance
Phoebe finds herself attracted to flighty twin sister Ursula's fiance as the gang has fun at Monica's Halloween party. The Bings dress up as Catwoman and a pink bunny, and Rachel tries to kick-start her maternal instincts with a host of trick-or-treaters. Guest starring Sean Penn
Rachel considers moving out
Pregnant Rachel considers moving out, prompting Ross to tell her about a vacancy in his building, and Joey creates a nursery to persuade her to stay. Eric dumps Ursula for twin sister Phoebe, and Monica suspects her new maid could be stealing her jeans - among other things. Guest starring Sean Penn
Rachel tells her father she is pregnant
Rachel finally tells her father she is pregnant, prompting him to confront Ross - who is just snuggling up to new girlfriend Mona. Monica feels guilty about denying Chandler a stripper on his stag night so she books one to make amends - but he gets a lot more than he bargained for
Brad Pitt guest stars in a Thanksgiving special
The gang celebrates Thanksgiving and Monica invites old high-school friend Will, the only student who was fatter than her - unaware of his animosity toward Rachel. Meanwhile, Chandler and Phoebe try to avoid helping in the kitchen and Joey vows to eat an entire turkey. Guest starring Brad Pitt
Monica buys an expensive pair of boots
Phoebe discovers Ben goes to school with Sting's son and immediately sets about trying to wangle free concert tickets. Rachel mediates between an angry Joey and his pregnant sister, while Monica spends a fortune on a new pair of boots - only to find they hurt her feet. Guest starring Trudie Styler
Rachel propositions Joey
Rachel's hormones act up, prompting her to proposition Joey, and Chandler's newly divorced boss takes him to a strip club, convinced he and Monica are having problems. Meanwhile, Ross is disturbed to learn girlfriend Mona wants them to send out joint Christmas cards like a married couple
Rachel and Joey hit the town
Rachel hits the town with Joey to coach him for a big date the following night, but the pair are so compatible they begin to see each other in a different light. Chandler sets a new record on Monica's game machine, and Ross teaches a class on the other side of town
Chandler discovers the pleasures of a scented bath
Monica mistakenly believes Joey is infatuated with Phoebe, and Chandler discovers the pleasures of a scented bath. Rachel vows not to find out the sex of her unborn child
Joey takes Rachel to the hospital
A concerned Joey takes Rachel to the hospital and realises his romantic feelings for her could be excluding Ross from the joys of fatherhood. Chandler becomes obsessed with learning the contents of a secret closet and Monica shocks Phoebe by responding rather too enthusiastically to a massage
Monica prepares a Valentine's Day surprise
Monica prepares a Valentine's Day surprise for Chandler, while Ross has difficulty telling girlfriend Mona that Rachel has moved in. Phoebe tries to lift Joey's spirits by bringing him a remarkably cheerful dog. Starring Courteney Cox
Joey confesses his feelings to Rachel
Ross has difficulty coming to terms with Joey's revelation, but eventually persuades him to tell Rachel how he feels about her, regardless of the consequences. Meanwhile, Chandler is disturbed by Phoebe's new boyfriend, who shares a number of personality traits with Monica
Joey avoids Rachel
Joey avoids all contact with Rachel, so she tries to repair their friendship by telling him a big lie. Phoebe believes the tea leaves foretell she is about to meet the man of her dreams, and Ross tries to recover his favourite pink shirt from former girlfriend Mona's apartment. Guest starring Alec Baldwin
Ross and Monica's parents celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary
Monica is upstaged by superior public speaker Ross while giving the toast at a wedding anniversary party for their parents - who cause outrage by asking pregnant Rachel to pretend she is married. Meanwhile, Phoebe's boyfriend drives the gang crazy with his boundless enthusiasm. Guest starring Alec Baldwin
Joey is interviewed by a TV magazine
Though Joey is thrilled when his name is used in a magazine crossword puzzle, he is reluctant to let the publication do a profile of him after his last magazine interview got him fired. Rachel persuades him to reconsider so that he can mention her, though Joey insists all his friends be present to ensure he does not say anything too controversial this time
Rachel's mother plans to move in
Rachel panics at the thought of caring for her baby and reluctantly agrees to her mother moving in - much to Ross's annoyance. Chandler tries to help Joey prepare for his audition as a TV quiz show host by constantly playing a baffling game
I Love You, Man
Comedy, starring Paul Rudd
As he prepares for his wedding, estate agent Peter realises there is something missing - a male friend, which he doesn't have, to be his best man. His quest for a suitable candidate leads him to laid-back, hard-drinking Sydney and the pair become inseparable buddies - to the horror of Peter's fiancee. Comedy, starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel
Live at the Apollo
With Marcus Brigstocke and Rich Hall
From London's Hammersmith Apollo theatre, acerbic comic Jack Dee introduces performances by Marcus Brigstocke, who muses on Britain's relationship with America, and Rich Hall, who demonstrates how Bill Gates defies gravity. Plus, Jack answers more text messages from the audience
Key & Peele
The duo take a look at Steve Jobs' successor
Key & Peele
Sketches include a bachelor party that takes an odd turn
Nathan for You
Part one of two. Nathan helps William Heath try to find his long-lost love
Impractical Jokers Summer Vacation
Holiday challenges and punishments
Last Man Standing

The Office: Mike gives Vanessa an office for the third anniversary of her tutoring business. However, after conversing with Carol Larabee, Vanessa feels guilty that her business is thriving. (S8, E05)
Last Man Standing

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