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Last Man Standing

Bedtime Story: Unable to sleep due to Vanessa's loud snoring, Mike acts on advice from Chuck and Ed that he should sleep in a separate room now that the kids are out of the house. (S8, E07)
Last Man Standing

Romancing the Stone: With Bonnie and Ed's wedding day upon the family, Vanessa stresses over giving her mum the perfect wedding after feeling like Bonnie's first wedding was ruined. (S8, E08)
The Middle
A reality TV show puts Frankie in a bad mood
The outcome of a reality TV show puts Frankie in a bad mood for days, so Mike tries to snap her out of her depression. He also has his work cut out trying to toughen Sue up when she joins the school tennis team - the problem being she keeps complimenting her opponents during matches - while Axl and Cassidy wonder what the future holds for them following their big argument
The Middle
Frankie attends a job interview - but cannot answer the most basic of questions
Frankie has graduated from dental-assisting school, but the real challenge comes when she tries to find a job - especially when she attends an interview and realises she doesn't know how to answer even the most basic questions. Axl and his band secure their first paid gig but become distracted when Sue starts to interfere, while Mike reluctantly agrees to chaperone Brick's scout camping trip
The Middle
Frankie helps Sue increase her online popularity
Frankie discovers Sue has very little presence on Facebook, so she tries to increase her daughter's online popularity by creating a fake friend - or three. But how far can she go before she gets found out? Axl and Brick produce a James Bond spoof with a difference, while Mike is unhappy when he ends up listening to his father-in-law's long-winded stories
The Middle
Frankie is excited about Mother's Day
Frankie drops several hints as to what she wants for Mother's Day, but Mike refuses to play ball, arguing that it's the kids' responsibility and not his. Sue turns to Reverend TimTom for advice after failing her driving test again, and Cassidy drops a bombshell on Axl during their school prom
My Wife and Kids
Michael goes camping with Kady
My Wife and Kids
A power cut ruins Michael's plans
Michael resorts to bribing his family in an effort to get time alone in the house, giving Claire money to go shopping and watch a video with Kady. However, a power cut soon jeopardises his chance for solitude. Starring Damon Wayans
My Wife and Kids
Michael is nominated for a business award
My Wife and Kids
Part one of two. Junior and his girlfriend are caught out
Monica's attractive cousin visits
Monica is visited by a cousin she has not seen since childhood, whose stunning looks do not go unnoticed by Chandler. Rachel and Phoebe plan a last-minute bridal party, while Joey tries to trick his way into an acting role. Guest starring Denise Richards
Rachel meets an old college friend
Rachel meets an old college friend and wonders whether she should confront her about a boozy incident from their past that took a dramatic and passionate turn. Meanwhile, Chandler and Ross vie to outdo one another in the tuxedo stakes for the impending wedding. Winona Ryder guest stars
Chandler tries to write his marriage vows
With the wedding only four weeks away, Chandler struggles to write his vows and turns to Joey and Ross for much-needed help. Meanwhile, Monica has similar difficulties and recruits Phoebe and Rachel - but they soon get distracted and start reminiscing
Chandler reluctantly visits his father
Monica convinces a reluctant Chandler to travel to Las Vegas to invite his estranged father to their wedding, while Rachel gets into trouble for driving Monica's Porsche. Comedy, guest starring Kathleen Turner
Part one of two. Chandler goes missing on the eve of his wedding
Part one of two. Chandler's nerves get the better of him on the eve of his wedding and he disappears, leading to a frantic search by Ross. Joey rehearses for a film role with a major star, while Phoebe and Rachel make a startling discovery. Comedy, guest starring Kathleen Turner, Elliott Gould and Gary Oldman
Part two of two. The search for Chandler continues
Part two of two. The gang continues to search for the missing Chandler, who is still suffering a severe case of premarital jitters. Joey tries desperately to be released from his role in a major film so he can act as minister at the wedding. Gary Oldman and Kathleen Turner guest star
Rachel contemplates her next move
Rachel tries to decide what to do next, while Phoebe takes some of the heat off her by claiming she is the one who is pregnant. Chandler has trouble on the dance floor and Joey tries to impress an important Broadway producer with his acting ability. Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow star
Joey proposes to Phoebe
Joey becomes convinced Phoebe is pregnant and proposes to her so she will not have to be a single mother - but Monica quickly tells him the truth. Meanwhile, Chandler and Ross misplace the disposable cameras used during the wedding
Rachel reveals who the father of her baby is,
Rachel reveals who the father of her baby is, while Chandler and Monica go on their honeymoon, but are constantly upstaged by another couple who get preferential treatment wherever they go
Ross and Rachel argue about why they slept together
Ross and Rachel's attempt to explain how they ended up in bed together descends into an argument about who made the first move - until Ross shocks everyone by announcing he captured the whole encounter on videotape. David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston star
Ross is horrified to learn Rachel has a date
Ross is horrified to learn Rachel is going on a date with a handsome soap star, and Chandler sabotages a quirky workmate's chances of promotion. Meanwhile, Phoebe is attracted to a cute but clumsy chef whom Monica plans to fire. Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox star
Phoebe is attracted to her twin sister's fiance
Phoebe finds herself attracted to flighty twin sister Ursula's fiance as the gang has fun at Monica's Halloween party. The Bings dress up as Catwoman and a pink bunny, and Rachel tries to kick-start her maternal instincts with a host of trick-or-treaters. Guest starring Sean Penn
Rachel considers moving out
Pregnant Rachel considers moving out, prompting Ross to tell her about a vacancy in his building, and Joey creates a nursery to persuade her to stay. Eric dumps Ursula for twin sister Phoebe, and Monica suspects her new maid could be stealing her jeans - among other things. Guest starring Sean Penn
Rachel tells her father she is pregnant
Rachel finally tells her father she is pregnant, prompting him to confront Ross - who is just snuggling up to new girlfriend Mona. Monica feels guilty about denying Chandler a stripper on his stag night so she books one to make amends - but he gets a lot more than he bargained for
Brad Pitt guest stars in a Thanksgiving special
The gang celebrates Thanksgiving and Monica invites old high-school friend Will, the only student who was fatter than her - unaware of his animosity toward Rachel. Meanwhile, Chandler and Phoebe try to avoid helping in the kitchen and Joey vows to eat an entire turkey. Guest starring Brad Pitt
Monica buys an expensive pair of boots
Phoebe discovers Ben goes to school with Sting's son and immediately sets about trying to wangle free concert tickets. Rachel mediates between an angry Joey and his pregnant sister, while Monica spends a fortune on a new pair of boots - only to find they hurt her feet. Guest starring Trudie Styler
Michael McIntyre's Big Show
With Jack Whitehall, Sting, Ricky Gervais and Jamie Oliver
Jack Whitehall joins Michael on stage at London's Theatre Royal on Drury Lane, along with Sting, who performs some of his classic hits, and music from his new album 57th & 9th. Plus, Ricky Gervais's insufferable middle-manager-turned-musician David Brent makes a special appearance. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver risks the ire of his friends and family as Michael seizes his phone in Send to All, and two people from the same family receive the surprise of their lives in Unexpected Star
Jimmy Carr Live: Comedian
From London's Bloomsbury theatre
Performance recorded in 2007 at London's Bloomsbury theatre. The comedian entertains the crowds with his rapid-fire wit, trademark one-liners and tongue-in cheek gags
Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain
The stand-up comedian performs at New York's Madison Square Garden
A recording of a performance by the stand-up comedian in New York's Madison Square Garden in front of a crowd of 30,000. The show is taken from the comic's 2012 international tour, which featured gigs in 80 cities across 10 countries
The Ricky Gervais Show
The trio discuss the origins of the universe
The trio discuss the origins of the universe and the evolution of creatures other than humans, and Karl Pilkington talks about the downside of recycling. He also shares his thoughts on world travel and recalls memorable encounters in public toilets. Animated series based on the popular podcasts, with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant
The Ricky Gervais Show
The trio consider what would happen if Karl Pilkington ran society
The trio discuss the laws and rules of Ancient Greece, and consider what would happen if Karl Pilkington was in charge of society. Animated comedy, based on the popular podcasts, with the voices of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant
Impractical Jokers
The guys dig deep into strangers' past lives to deliver the hard truths
Impractical Jokers
The guys pitch each other's TV show ideas to a panel
Impractical Jokers
Hidden camera show
The Jokers work as television commercial actors at the golf driving range, doing what the others tell him to do. The other Jokers, who didn't go last time, pitch their memoirs to strangers in order to get a high rating.
Impractical Jokers: Father's Day
The pranksters present clips that involve their fathers
Emily asks Ross to move away
Emily asks Ross to move away from his friends, while Monica and Rachel are understandably taken aback to meet a hairy man who they mistake for a yeti. American comedy, starring David Schwimmer and Helen Baxendale
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