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A bomb plot is uncovered following a death at a Quantico reunion
NCIS detectives uncover a bomb plot and a long-running theft ring while investigating a death at a Quantico reunion. Elsewhere, Torres and Quinn adjust to life on Gibbs' team, but find new seating arrangements in the squad room just one of the things causing tension to mount. Mark Harmon stars
A US Marine falls to her death, and Gibbs is urged to consider whether she was murdered
When the NCIS team investigates a marine sergeant's fall to her death from a building, her doctor, Dr Grace Confalone, confides in Gibbs urging him to consider this a murder investigation. Meanwhile, Torres searches for a place to live
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A navy lieutenant is murdered during a civilian cruise on board a military vessel
After the body of a navy lieutenant is discovered aboard a destroyer during a `tiger cruise", a time when civilian guests are allowed to spend the night on the ship, Gibbs, Quinn and Palmer travel out to sea to investigate. Meanwhile, McGee contemplates the perfect proposal for Delilah Fielding
Law & Order
A suburban mother is accused of murder
The shooting of a sleazy retired policeman in a neighbourhood notorious for prostitution leads Briscoe and Curtis to two suburban housewives who are secretly moonlighting. However, it soon becomes apparent that whoever killed the victim could have been acting in self-defence. Police drama, starring Sam Waterston
Law & Order
The murder of a delivery man causes trouble
A pizza delivery man is murdered, causing trouble when the two suspects point the finger at the other. Though one of the pair is taped admitting to the crime, his Catholic priest uncle forbids the team from violating the sanctity of the Confessional. Drama, starring Sam Waterston and Jerry Orbach
Law & Order
The team investigates credit-card fraud
Investigations into a stolen credit card lead Briscoe and Curtis to a pair of teenage lovers who may have killed their newborn son and disposed of the body. The couple strenuously deny any wrongdoing - but the discovery of a decomposing baby's finger adds weight to the evidence against them. Drama, starring Jerry Orbach
Law & Order
An FBI witness is found dead
Briscoe and Curtis come up against the Mob when a Mafia gangster-turned-FBI witness is found dead, and the investigation is hampered when the only lead fails to leave any evidence. Award-winning police drama, starring Jerry Orbach and Steven Hill
Law & Order
A psychologist is stabbed to death
The fatal stabbing of a psychologist draws Briscoe and Curtis into a heated divorce case and pits McCoy and Ross against a manipulative attorney who puts results before professional ethics. Award-winning American police drama, starring Jerry Orbach
Law & Order
Briscoe and Curtis investigate a shooting
Briscoe and Curtis investigate when a student is shot dead after a party gets out of control. The victim's boyfriend is arrested, but the officers later receive a tip-off about someone else - a vengeful youth deliberately infecting girls with HIV. Drama, starring Jerry Orbach and Steven Hill
The team re-investigates an apparent accidental death on behalf of a dying sailor
In a bid to carry out a sailor's dying wish, Gibbs and the NCIS team re-investigate a murder case that was originally ruled an accidental death. As the investigation proceeds, the case reminds Torres of a tragic time from his past
A US Marine working with a veterans' charity is murdered
When a US Marine is murdered at an event for the Honor Flight Network, a non-profit that arranges for veterans to visit the Second World War, Korea and Vietnam War Memorials for free, the NCIS team members have to rely on irritable Vietnam War veteran Henry Rogers, who seems to be the key to finding the culprit
A vice-admiral becomes the target of a malicious hacker
After a vice admiral's laptop is infected with ransomware, he enlists McGee and the NCIS team to track down the hacker before the computer virus eliminates his personal and professional files. Bruce Boxleitner guest stars
Criminal Minds
The team hunts for a copycat bomber
The team is asked to create a profile of the person responsible for detonating three bombs in separate attacks on a neighbourhood, leaving two people dead. Gideon is shocked to discover the devices are identical to one that caused seven deaths - made by his adversary Adrian Bale. Crime drama, starring Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore
Criminal Minds
The team hunts a rapist and murderer in San Diego
Gideon and the team visit San Diego, where they search for a man wanted for the rape and murder of six women in their own homes. Elle and Hotch visit the scene of another attempted attack, where they discover the assailant was wearing a ski mask. Drama, starring Mandy Patinkin, Lola Glaudini and Thomas Gibson
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Benson deals with a hostage situation
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Benson uncovers a criminal network
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
A pilot hijacks a commercial plane
A pilot hijacks a commercial plane to escape from the man who attacked her, and Barba targets the airline for driving her to drastic action with an abusive working culture. Meanwhile, Fin takes steps to ensure Benson is protected at work
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
A right-wing public speaker is raped following a protest
Eric has to talk down a suicidal co-pilot while travelling by plane
999: Criminals Caught on Camera
The use of CCTV to fight crime
Journalist Nick Wallis joins police forces around the nation to discover how CCTV and technological advances are helping to bring criminals to justice. The programme reveals how essential surveillance cameras have become in the fight against crime and features footage of people caught red-handed
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