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Teleshopping lifestyle
Murder, She Wrote drama
Exhausted by a European book tour, Jessica stops off to see an old friend who owns a luxurious Monte Carlo hotel, but it is not long before a murderer checks in. Ian Ogilvy guest stars, with Angela Lansbury.
NCIS drama
Gibbs discovers a link between the murder of a petty officer and the break-up of his team, leading him and new director Leon Vance to uncover a case of blackmail involving an NCIS agent. The duo single out three suspects, but learn vital information has been stolen, and realise the whole Persian Gulf Fleet could be in danger.
NCIS drama
A lieutenant apparently commits suicide by jumping from an aircraft carrier and Ziva and McGee are dispatched to inform the widow - but arrive to find that she has been killed. Subsequent inquiries reveal that the injuries on her body were inflicted after death and the murder scene was carefully staged to mislead investigators. Crime drama, starring Mark Harmon and Cote de Pablo.
Law & Order drama
A high-level insurance executive is murdered, and suspicion soon falls on the father of a dying nine-year-old whose claim for a life-saving leukaemia treatment was turned down. Award-winning police drama, starring Jerry Orbach and Jesse L Martin.
Law & Order drama
Lupo and Bernard investigate the death of an heiress from an apparent drug overdose. However, the duo soon realise there is more to the case than meets the eye, as they uncover a conspiracy to kill off wealthy cancer patients so inheritors do not have to pay an estate tax.
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Law & Order drama
A fatal stabbing incident leads Lupo and Bernard to the discovery that a bio-research firm has spent the past 50 years exploiting the cells of an African-American man for medical research, but has never compensated his impoverished descendants.
Law & Order drama
A high-school student is found dead in an apartment building, and Briscoe and Green suspect an improper website may have played a part in her murder. As McCoy and Southerlyn investigate the case further, they realise the victim's best friend, who was reluctant to come forward as a witness, may provide the answers. Police drama, starring Jerry Orbach, Jesse L Martin and Elisabeth Rohm.
Law & Order drama
The murder of a crooked car dealer whose son is dying of leukaemia presents McCoy and Ross with a moral dilemma. His ex-wife is their prime suspect - but it transpires that the victim had regularly abused her and refused to pay child support. Drama, starring Sam Waterston.
Law & Order drama
The investigation into the murder of Richard Speigel, chief financial officer for an exclusive, family owned department store, results in the arrests of the shop staff - but the manager and father refuses to let his offspring take the blame, and goes all out to get them off the hook. Drama, starring Sam Waterston and Jerry Orbach.
NCIS drama
A serial killer begins posting footage of his crimes online - and as the agents investigate, they realise that each film contains visual clues to the identity of the next victim. In a further bizarre twist, Abby later finds what seems to be a new video on her computer - and the case takes on fresh urgency with the discovery that it is actually a live feed, suggesting the murderer is somewhere on the premises.
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NCIS drama
A bank at Quantico is robbed and a security guard killed, but the team soon discovers that stealing money may not have been the perpetrators' primary objective. Meanwhile, Gibbs is given the task of evaluating an inexperienced new agent assigned by Vance to help investigate the case. Crime drama, starring Mark Harmon and Rey Valentin.
NCIS drama
Gibbs sends DiNozzo and Ziva to retrieve top-secret information from a secure military base - a mission aimed at catching a mole in the NCIS ranks. Unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that the traitor is still at large - so the building is locked down and all agents are rounded up in a final effort to catch the culprit. Guest starring Jude Ciccolella.
NCIS drama
The team investigate the suicide of a retired Navy officer who left a rare, valuable - and possibly stolen - coin to the National Museum of the Navy.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit drama
A computer genius is accused of murdering his girlfriend, but responds to the team's investigation by threatening to expose their darkest secrets.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit drama
Benson and Barba ask witnesses to risk their jobs when a news anchor makes a rape accusation against her boss on the air.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit drama
A man uses a fake identity to lure a woman into bed, destroying her family, so Barba tries to get him convicted of rape - only to face a sceptical legal team. Raul Esparza stars.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit drama
An aspiring Olympic athlete claims she is a rape victim, but the publicity could threaten her Olympic future, and reveal some shocking details about her sordid personal life.
Gone drama
The task force investigates when a couple disappears from a remote mountain campsite.
Gone drama
A boy is attacked and abducted from the car park of a basketball court.
Criminals: Caught on Camera reality
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