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A chance to buy goods from the comfort of home
Tinker's odd behaviour causes concern
Concern grows after a seemingly depressed Tinker goes missing without explanation. Lovejoy eventually tracks him down to his sister's hotel on Burgh Island, which is about to be lost to a property developer. Light-hearted drama, starring Ian McShane and Dudley Sutton
The dodgy dealer searches for a stolen sword
The roguish antiques dealer is hired to recover a priceless 16th-century samurai sword stolen from a ruthless businessman's house _ and he races to retrieve it before his old mentor gets to it. Ian McShane stars, with guest appearances by Julian Glover and Dinsdale Landen
An antique gun is used in an armed robbery
A firearms expert agrees to repair a valuable antique gun on Lovejoy's behalf, but unfortunately for all concerned, it is later used in a robbery. Drama, starring Ian McShane and Caroline Langrishe
The dodgy dealer investigates a communion vessel
The Greek Orthodox Church challenges the ownership of Lord Dunwich's valuable 17th-century communion vessel, and the dodgy dealer is called in to investigate. Comedy drama, directed by and starring Ian McShane
An old enemy of Sharpe's returns
The return of an old enemy leads to a series of problems, beginning with the loss of Sharpe's hard-earned captaincy, and culminating in a race against time to rescue his lover Teresa and their baby from the beleaguered city of Badajoz before Wellesley's forces attack. Military adventure, starring Sean Bean and Pete Postlethwaite
Pie in the Sky
Crabbe has an unwelcome visitor
Crabbe has cause to regret getting involved in an elderly cookery writer's family affairs, and a series of squabbles among the staff only add to his woes. Comedy drama, starring Richard Griffiths and Maggie Steed
Pie in the Sky
A policewoman is murdered
Fisher ropes Crabbe into helping investigate the death of a policewoman in the West Country, a task that almost puts him off his food. Detective drama, starring Richard Griffiths and Malcolm Sinclair
Pie in the Sky
Crabbe hunts down two OAP fraudsters
Crabbe is ordered to track down two OAP fraudsters - but he seems more interested in getting his hands on their recipe for bread-and-butter pudding. Being lumbered with a temporary partner only complicates matters for the cuisine-loving policeman, and leads to friction with Cambridge. Guest starring Joan Sims, with Richard Griffiths and Maggie Steed
Inspector George Gently
A woman's murder is linked to a consignment of stolen passports
Bacchus and Gently investigate a consignment of stolen passports, but the case takes an unexpected turn when a woman linked to the crime is found dead on the seashore with her mixed-race baby lying next to her. As the duo follow a lead on the murder victim's ex-boyfriend, they encounter racial prejudice and are drawn into an underground world of gang wars within the Arab community. Primeval's Andrew-Lee Potts guest stars
The Brokenwood Mysteries
A corpse is switched in its coffin
The coffin of local poet Declan O'Grady falls from the hearse revealing that the corpse inside is not his but a young woman identifiable only by a notable scarlet tattoo. Funeral director Warren Bugle directs Mike, Kristin and Breen to Wadsworth Manor where a mysterious role-playing game was conducted the night before Declan's death.
Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators
Frank and Lu struggle to protect a troubled teenager
Passport to Freedom
Aracy steps up her efforts to help refugees flee Germany
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Feature-length episode. A lecturer's daughter is murdered
Feature-length episode. Havers and Lynley visit Cambridge to investigate the murder of Elena Weaver, a respected lecturer's deaf daughter. After a post-mortem reveals she was pregnant, the detectives gradually build a portrait of a promiscuous and playful woman with many admirers - most notably Gareth Randolph, a member of the deaf community who was in love with her, and Victor Troughton to whom Elena was engaged
Silent Witness
Feature-length episode. Thomas tries to win justice for a murder victim
Feature-length episode. A schoolteacher disappears and investigating officer DCI Andy Steemson asks Nikki and Jack to examine evidence found at the house, including traces of blood, bike tracks and a charred cake in the oven. Meanwhile, Thomas is called to the site of the murder of a former drug addict and petty criminal who has been thrown from the top of a flyover, and becomes determined to win justice for the victim in the wake of police indifference - forming an unlikely alliance in the process
The Heart Guy
Hugh offends everyone in Whyhope
Birds of a Feather
The girls recall their first loves
Sharon, Tracey and Dorien spend a quiet Saturday evening reminiscing about their first boyfriends - then decide to track down the gentlemen in question. Comedy, starring Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph
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