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Bob's Burgers
Gene and Louise compete to get a burger on the menu
Bob's Burgers
Teddy loses confidence in his handyman skills
Bargains galore
Criminally Funny
Some of the most inept criminals the planet has ever seen
Criminally Funny
Some of the most inept criminals the planet has ever seen
Criminally Funny
Some of the most inept criminals the planet has ever seen
Criminally Funny
Some of the most inept criminals the planet has ever seen
Criminally Funny
Some of the most inept criminals the planet has ever seen
Criminally Funny
Featuring clips of crimes against fashion and florists
Criminally Funny
Featuring neighbourly disputes, car crime and OAP outlaws
Criminally Funny
Including bad drivers and vigilante OAPs
Criminally Funny
A thief holds up a shop using a banana
Rachel and Monica lose to Chandler and Joey at poker
Rachel and Monica suffer a humiliating defeat while playing poker with Chandler and Joey, and demand a rematch. Rachel decides to look for a new job - but is not as successful as she had hoped
Rachel loses Ross's monkey
Rachel loses Ross's pet monkey, prompting the gang to form a search party to find it, but an animal warden with a grudge gets in the way. Comedy, starring Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer
Joey throws a party
Joey throws a party for the cast of Days of Our Lives, but refuses to invite his pals in case their behaviour embarrasses him. However, the answering machine gives the game away and everyone attends - which is good news for Ross
Chandler and Monica visit a fertility clinic
Chandler and Monica go to a fertility clinic for tests, but are embarrassed to encounter an old acquaintance. Ross helps Joey pretend to be intelligent to woo Charlie, even though he is attracted to her himself, and Rachel sneaks into a spa for a massage
Monica and Chandler interview a potential sperm donor
Monica and Chandler conduct an embarrassing interview with a potential sperm donor after learning they cannot conceive a baby naturally. Rachel reveals she still has feelings for Joey, but his current girlfriend overhears her confession, and Phoebe bumps into her old boyfriend David. Comedy, guest starring John Stamos and Hank Azaria
Double bill. The gang visits Barbados
Double bill. The gang visits Barbados to hear Ross address a convention, but Chandler manages to destroy the only copy of his keynote speech. Joey and Rachel impersonate pharmacists to infiltrate a medical conference offering free drinks, while Mike arrives unexpectedly and proposes to Phoebe
Rachel and Joey struggle to tell Ross about their kiss
Rachel and Joey struggle to find the words to tell Ross about their kiss in Barbados, while Phoebe makes the alarming discovery that Mike has a girlfriend. Starring Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow
Phoebe and Mike's wedding day arrives
Phoebe's big day arrives, but wedding planner Monica and stand-in father of the bride Joey take their roles a little too seriously. To make matters worse, a blizzard hits New York and one of Mike's ushers is indisposed, forcing Ross and Chandler to step into the breach
Joey tries to learn French
Joey persuades Phoebe to teach him French for an important audition, while Monica and Chandler show a pregnant Erica the sights of New York and learn more about the baby's possible father. Guest starring Anna Faris and Ron Leibman
Monica and Chandler go house-hunting
Rachel heads to a restaurant for a job interview, only to find herself sitting at a table within earshot of her current boss. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler go house-hunting and Phoebe decides to change her name. Guest starring Paul Rudd and Dakota Fanning
Joey's agent dies
Phoebe learns Joey's agent has died, but he is so upset about his friends moving away that she decides not to tell him. Rachel worries about relocating to France, while Monica and Chandler are horrified to discover Janice is planning to buy the house next door to them. Guest starring Jane Lynch (Glee)
Rachel prepares to leave for Paris
The gang throws a going-away party for Rachel, but she prefers to say her goodbyes individually - and one of her friends is left feeling hurt at being overlooked. Meanwhile, Monica supervises the packing for a new life in the suburbs with Chandler, while also keeping a close eye on the mother of their future adopted child
Double bill. Last-ever episode of the comedy
Double bill. The last-ever episode of the comedy sees the pals facing major changes. There is a surprise in store for Monica and Chandler when Erica finally gives birth to the child they are planning to adopt, Phoebe and Mike decide to start a family of their own and Rachel gets set to begin a new life in Paris. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer star
Michael McIntyre Live
A 2009 performance at Wembley Arena
A stand-up performance by the comedian at Wembley Arena, where he entertained a sell-out crowd in October 2009, following on from his successful 2008 show Live and Laughing. In a routine centred on his take on life, he discusses wine menus, restaurant etiquette and the condiment hierarchy in the kitchen cupboard
Jimmy Carr: Stand Up
A performance by the comedian
The quick-witted comedian takes to the stage at London's Bloomsbury Theatre to deliver his razor-sharp observations on life's taboos
Romesh Ranganathan: Irrational Live
The comedian's debut stand-up show
From London's Hammersmith Apollo, footage of the comedian's debut stand-up show recorded in 2016, in which the Bafta-nominated performer examines the issues close to his heart - and explains why everybody else is wrong. During the performance, the star of the highly acclaimed series Asian Provocateur takes shots at everyone from his children to a stranger in a coffee shop. Romesh sold over 100,000 tickets for his Irrational live show, and most venues were sold out before the tour had even begun
Rhod Gilbert's Growing Pains
With David Baddiel, Nicola Coughlan and Darren Harriott
Key & Peele
A first-hand look at Barack Obama during his college years
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