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Aerial America documentary
The state of Oklahoma, a land of great tallgrass prairies, where herds of buffalo roam free and oil jacks gush black gold. Famous `Okies' include actor Brad Pitt and the Apache leader Geronimo.
Aerial America documentary
A flight above Texas. The `Lone Star State' boasts rugged canyons, deserts, historic ranches and modern cities. It also has the Alamo and the Rio Grande, the river that is its natural border with Mexico.
Aerial America documentary
A flight over New Mexico reveals breathtaking scenery, but also the birthplace of the atomic bomb, the final resting place of Billy the Kid, and conspiracy theories about the Roswell UFO incident.
Aerial America documentary
A high-flying tour over the USA's most magnificent and cultural landmarks, focusing on the views above Colorado.
Aerial America documentary
An aerial exploration of Wyoming reveals the Cowboy State's controversial history while highlighting its breathtaking canyons and volcanic formations.
Aerial America documentary
An aerial view of Idaho, with a past as rich as its volcanic soil, from Hell's Canyon and Ernest Hemingway's haven to the world's first atomic city and the birth of the potato boom.
Aerial America documentary
Utah has an alien beauty and a fascinating history - ranging from the cannibalism of the Donner Party to the growth of Mormonism into a world religion. This aerial tour includes the blinding white terrain of Bonneville Salt Flats where Britain's Sir Malcolm Campbell broke the land speed record in Bluebird.
Food Factories: How They Work food
Impossible Repairs nature
Inside the Factory documentary
Gregg Wallace investigates Europe's largest biscuit factory in London, while Cherry Healey looks into the chocolate added to the beloved digestive. Plus, Ruth Goodman examines the link between biscuits and digestion.
Napoleon's Waterloo documentary
Account of the French dictator's final battle as he faced the Duke of Wellington, who had been chosen to lead a coalition force against him. This was Bonaparte's attempt to re-establish himself as a man of destiny after the humiliation of being exiled to the tiny island of Elba off the coast of Italy four months earlier, but his eventual defeat came with a death toll of 50,000.
Secret City of WWI documentary
Documentary about the discovery of an underground city beneath a field in northern France, where First World War soldiers took refuge and etched their names and drawings on the walls. A historian and photographer attempts to connect the names to their living descendants.
Gallipoli documentary
The largest sea-borne invasion of its time, Gallipoli was supposed to turn the tide of the First World War. Instead, it became the burial ground for thousands of British, Australian and Turkish troops.
The Lost Ships: The Hunt for the Kaiser's Superfleet history
The true story of a search for a missing fleet of German warships, sunk by the Royal Navy off the Falkland Islands in December 1914, during one of the first great sea battles of the First World War. The Scharnhorst was an armoured cruiser and Admiral Graf von Spee's flagship.
D-Day and the Dambusters history
Former Iraq War pilot, historian and author John Nichol reveals how the most famous bomber squadron of the Second World War, 617 Squadron, fooled Nazi Germany into believing the Allied invasion was going to be at Calais, rather than Normandy, by creating a fake fleet with their Lancasters. He also chronicles the precision bombing missions that 617 Squadron carried out after they attacked and breached the dams in the heart of Germany that created their legend.
The Battle of Normandy: 85 Days in Hell documentary
Seventy-five years after D-Day, recently found archival images provide new insights on the biggest military landings in history and the ensuing battle. Contributors include Anthony Beevor.
The Blitz: Days That Changed WWII history
Memories of a defining event in the Second World War, which lasted from September 7, 1940 until May 21 the following year. The Blitz was a maelstrom of fire and destruction with 85 major air raids, 24,000 tons of bombs dropped, 40,000 fatalities and 1.5 million people left homeless or displaced. From Black Saturday in the East End, to the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, to the all-out assault on St Paul's, cameramen filmed the Blitz and the everyday people who defied its full, potential impact.
Battle of Midway: The True Story history
One of the largest naval engagements ever and a turning point in the Second World War, the Battle of Midway fought between the Americans and Japanese changed the face of warfare and made Allied victory in the Pacific possible.
Battle of Okinawa in Colour documentary
The Second World Was in Europe was largely filmed in black-and-white, but in the Pacific, where the US Marine Corps was taking on the Japanese, American cameramen filmed everything in colour. This documentary uses their footage to tell the story of the fight for Okinawa, the last great battle of the Pacific War.
100 Missions: Surviving Vietnam documentary
During the Vietnam War, US Air Force pilots who flew 100 combat missions could go home. The tension built relentlessly as they survived each sortie. This is the story of the survivors and the fallen.
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