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Miss You Already drama, IMDB
Romantic comedy drama starring Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette. The relationship of lifelong best friends Jess and Milly is put to the test when Milly develops an aggressive strain of cancer. As she undergoes chemotherapy, Jess learns that she's pregnant, but struggles to figure out how to tell her friend.
Zoom In arts
A Kid Like Jake drama, IMDB
A couple come to terms with the realisation that their four-year-old child could be transgender. Drama, starring Claire Danes, Jim Parsons and Octavia Spencer.
Trumbo drama, IMDB
Biographical drama starring Bryan Cranston, Elle Fanning and Diane Lane. Hollywood just after the Second World War: outspoken but successful screenwriter Dalton Trumbo is at the top of his game until the onset of the Cold War, when his leftist affiliations make him a target for the House Un-American Activities Committee that's investigating the communist infiltration of Hollywood.
Hollywoodland drama, IMDB
Mystery thriller based on a true story, starring Adrien Brody, Diane Lane and Ben Affleck. When TV's Superman George Reeves is found dead from a single gunshot wound at his Hollywood Hills home in 1959, millions of his fans go into mourning. The Los Angeles Police Department rules that his death was suicide, but Reeves's grieving mother will have none of it and hires private detective Louis Simo to investigate.
The Captor drama, IMDB
An armed robber takes hostages in a bank while trying to negotiate the release of his former cellmate. However, as the tense stand-off between the criminal and the police drags out, the captives begin to take the side of their captor against the authorities. Fact-based crime drama, starring Ethan Hawke, Noomi Rapace and Mark Strong.
Sunshine Cleaning drama, IMDB
A single mother struggles to make ends meet and hopes to send her seven-year-old son to private school. She hits upon the idea of starting a business cleaning up crime scenes and places where dead bodies have been discovered, and recruits her directionless younger sister to help. Comedy drama, starring Amy Adams, Emily Blunt and Alan Arkin.
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